A Look at United Way’s Investment in Financial Stability

United Way Helps People Meet Their Basic Needs

Over 37,000 individuals in the United Way of East Central Iowa six-county service area are food insecure. - Feeding America; Map the Meal Gap

Nutritional Assistance

United Way funds HACAP and other programs which provide food to pantries and meal sites in the area. The food pantries and meal sites help people get a nutritional supplement to their diet that they may not otherwise be able to prepare or afford.

“Without all these items it would be hard for us to provide meals to our clients. They tell us that the one good meal a day makes a big difference.”

-Mary Palmberg, Free Lunch Program

Shelters and Housing Supports

United Way funds organizations that help in crisis homelessness situations, prevent families from becoming homeless, and assist people get into and maintain secure housing.

“I was homeless for many years.  I moved from house to house and homeless.  Living from place to place until that every option had ran out, but God blessed us with a nice warm apartment.”

– Tara Falls, used Willis Dady Shelter

Our partners working on filling basic needs include: Catherine McAuley Center, HACAP, Jane Boyd, Safe Place Foundation, Salvation Army, Waypoint, and Willis Dady Emergency Shelter.

United Way Helps Households Stabilize and Build Income

By the end of 2014 there will be nearly 12,000 new and replacement jobs that will need to be filled. - Corridor Alliance and Kirkwood Community College Skills 2014 Report


United Way funds services which help people get jobs and maintain employment. We provide assistance to programs that help people gain money management skills, adult education, and resolve other barriers that may hinder their long-term success.

“I had problems with my son. I was laid off. My children and I didn’t have food. It was kind of difficult for us, but I started the CNA classes. I went through counseling and took control of my life again. I’m going to become a medical assistant – and I’m going to go farther.”

Chandra Freeman, KPace Student

Our partners helping families become stabile include: Arc of East Central Iowa, Catherine McAuley Center, Goodwill Industries of the Heartland, HACAP, Horizons, Iowa Legal Aid, Jane Boyd, Neighborhood Transportation Service, Rural Employment Alternatives, Salvation Army, Waypoint and Willis Dady Emergency Shelter.

Partners working on Work-Related Skills include: Catherine McAuley Center and the KPace program with Kirkwood.

Building Income

United Way works on initiatives to help low-income working households bridge the gap between their income and basic needs. We fund programs that assist with childcare, transportation, tax returns, and housing so that people can continue to work or pursue work-training to become financially independent.

 “The kids were separated from one another and I was carrying through the unimaginable to get my children back in my custody but I pressed on. I have five kids. I had to do everything that a single mother would do but I was able to tap in the services at Waypoint. So thank God for Waypoint, United Way and every other not for profit organization because it helps a disadvantaged business person, like me, out. It gives me an opportunity to work. That’s a great thing.”

– Larry Eason, Father with children at Waypoint

Partners working on building income include Arc of East Central Iowa and Community Corrections Improvement Association (CCIA)

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