Human Services Campus Overview

This page provides information about the campus, which houses United Way of East Central Iowa and 12 other non-profits.

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Campus history


Conference Center Details

The Conference Center can be rented. Click here to book it. Below you can find more information.

Please review the calendar and fill out the form to ask for a reservation.


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The Conference Center can be divided several ways. Make sure you understand which option works best for your needs.

Room Options:
Rex Eno Conference Room (Section A – 50% of space)
Rockwell Collins Conference Room (Section B – 25% of space)
Aegon Transamerica Conference Room (Section C – 25% of space)
Sections A, B & C (100% of space) Sections B & C (50% of space)

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Parking — It is important to note that there is no “on site” parking available for groups using the Conference Center during normal business hours (7 am – 5 pm). The available spaces on the fist level of the campus are all being used by employees of tenant agencies. There is street parking, mostly metered, on several blocks surrounding the Human Services Campus. The nearest Off-street facilities located to the Human Services Campus currently are the 4th Ave Parkade, and Lot 44. (See the attached map) When you are holding large events the City Parking Department asks that you notify them if you might be using their facilities. For daily parking there usually is a fee associated with using the lots just like the meters. After business hours on site parking may be available but not guaranteed.

Scheduling — You cannot book the Conference Center immediately after another group, unless your meeting is only using a portion of the room which was not used by the previous group. A minimum of one hour is needed between meetings using the same space, to allow for clean up and room preparation.

In the event the group using the Conference Center before you has special needs which must be accommodated, additional time may be required between meetings. You will be made aware of any such situations at the time your meeting is confirmed.

Room Set-up — The room will have tables and chairs provided. It is your responsibility to set up the room to meet your needs. You should plan to arrive for your meeting a few minutes early to make sure the room is ready for your use.

A check to cover anticipated costs should be paid at least 5 business days in advance of your use of the Conference Center. Send the check to:  D&S Property Management, PO Box 122, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406. Checks should be made out to the Human Services Campus of East Central Iowa. Instructions for use of any equipment in the Conference Center can be found in each room. If you have questions in advance of your meeting or would like to preview how to use the space for your needs please include this request with your meeting request.


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