2013 Campaign Video

This video is being shown at companies who run United Way campaigns in the wider Cedar Rapids metro area.  For a DVD of this video please contact us here.

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Ron Olson, Campaign Chair 2013

I’m Ron Olson, 2013 United Way campaign chair. And of course I couldn’t do it without the help of vice chairs and father and son, Jack Evans and Matt Evans. As chair, I invite you to help the ever growing number of individuals who need our support.

Jack Evans, Campaign Vice Chair 2013

You are parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents. You are engineers, union workers, and corporate employees. You are farmers, journalists, and teachers.

Matt Evans, Campaign Vice Chair 2013

But don’t forget that you are also volunteers, donors, and neighbors. It is important that we utilize the roles we play and the strengths we bring to support our community.

Ron Olson

Now, I can tell you why you should donate and how your investment helps, but I think it’s much better if you hear from donors like you and from those who have benefited directly from your contributions.

Jake Zoss, Cargill Employee

I donate to United Way because I feel it’s the right thing to do. It’s a good and a fairly easy way to give back to the community.
Together we can…Help our neighbors.
Voice Over

After moving here from China, Gui was having a difficult time communicating with landlords and co-workers, but then she found the Catherine McAuley Center, a United Way Partner. With their help, she now speaks English and is a homeowner in Cedar Rapids and a supervisor at the First Avenue Hy-Vee.

Gui Fang Liu, Catherine McAuley Student

Thank you United Way and Catherine McAuley for helping me learn English. School changed my life. If no school, I don’t know English.

Together we can…Collaborate.
Mary Cummings, Grant Wood Area Education Agency Employee

I can access many good causes without a lot of overhead and worrying about if I’m missing somebody. I just like the groups that they’re with.


Judaiah received support at the Jane Boyd Community House, a United Way partner, to help manage his anger issues both at school and at home.

Mackenzie Garner, Mother of Judaiah

Judaiah has been a part of Jane Boyd for two years now. He’s been diagnosed with ADHD and it’s kind of an outlet for him. He seems a little more focused. He still has his rough times but they’re really patient here with him and they’ve worked with him very well.


Last year your donation and contributions from over 500 companies and area business helped provide support to more than 124,000 people. For the past six years you helped contribute more than 10 million dollars each year to improve our community. As you know, we cannot do it alone.

United Way is partnering with Kirkwood Community College and many local businesses and community-based organizations on an initiative called KPACE. KPACE is a program that supports students in obtaining the skills they need to secure jobs to earn sufficient wages to meet their expenses.

When KPACE student, Tiffany, entered the CNA program, she was earning $9.47 an hour. After 10 weeks of training, she increased her hourly wage to $11.50 an hour.

Tiffany Coats, KPACE Student

Without the KPACE program I would not have the job that I have today. I am very thankful for the KPACE, they have helped me achieve a lot.
Together we can…Encourage future generations.

For the first few years of school, children are learning how to read, but after fourth grade, they transition into reading to learn. Last year, only 61 percent of our low income fourth graders were proficient in reading, meaning that in a group of 25 low income students, 10 would not be able to read at grade level.

With the support of HACAP, a United Way partner, we formed the RED Ahead program. This program helps children and low income families devote the skills they need so they are ready for kindergarten.

Tiffany Green, Parent

Since going to RED Ahead I have noticed that Rylinn has been very interested in books, very interested in reading, she loves the alphabet, loves writing. I think it’s great for her.
Together we can…Help the less fortunate.
Marci Wooff, CRST Employee

I’ve been donating to United Way for 27 years because I feel it’s a great program. There are a lot of people who aren’t as fortunate as me and I want to help them with as much as I can in whatever way that I can.
Together we can…Make a difference.
Ron Olson, Campaign Chair 2013

It’s important we utilize the roles we are in and the strengths that we have to improve our community. After all, you are parents, educators, consumers, area businessmen and women. You are donors, volunteers, and neighbors. Please give what you can to help those less fortunate in our community.

Together we can…

Give back to our community.
Help our neighbors.
Provide comfort and guidance.
Strengthen our community.
Encourage future generations.
Help the less fortunate.
Make a difference.


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