Annual Campaign

100 Years in Eastern Iowa

Jack and Matt Evans are co-chairs for our centennial campaign

2014 Campaign Chairs: Jack Evans, The Hall-Perrine Foundation, and Matt Evans, TrueNorth Professional Liability Resource Group.

About United Way

When you contribute to United Way of East Central Iowa’s Community Impact Fund, you help create long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of problems. The success of our annual campaign has been the result of your support and dedication of hundreds of volunteers and businesses, labor, public and private organizations. Help create opportunities and inspire hope for those most in need.


2013 Campaign

A total of $10,035,519 was raised in 2013. For more on the year go here.

2012 Campaign

We raised more than $10 million for the sixth straight year in 2012. Click here for more on the 2012 campaign.

GUEST EDITORIAL: United Way Strengthens Our Community

2011 Campaign Celebration

United Way of East Central Iowa announced at the Campaign Celebration in January 2012, that its annual fundraising campaign has reached an all-time record of $10,581,690. This is a record-breaking attainment and we appreciate all you’ve done to help us achieve it. Thank you for your continued support of United Way!

Loaned Executive Program
Each year, United Way of East Central Iowa is fortunate to have Loaned Executives to help with the campaign. Loaned Executives act as account mangers by working with United Way staff for 14 weeks to plan and implement the campaign. Organizations support the Loaned Executvie program by either “loaning” an employee to work for United Way or by sponsoring an individual to represent their company.

United Way is grateful to the many organizations in our communities that have supported the Loaned Executive program. The Loaned Executives are critical to the success of the campaign and United Way’s ability to strengthen our communities. If you are interested in becoming a Loaned Executive, please contact us at (319) 398-5372  or here.


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