Pledge to Volunteer in the Cedar Rapids Area

 “ Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”
~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

report your volunteer hours hereIn 2014, United Way of East Central Iowa will be celebrating our 100th year in the community and we invite you to volunteer in the Cedar Rapids area. As part of this celebration, we have various ways that help connect and engage individuals in the community.  One of the ways is through a volunteer challenge.  We have the chance to come together as a community to make an impact and create solutions through volunteering.  We are asking individuals to pledge and complete 100 hours of volunteer service in 2014.

Don Zierath plans on volunteering 100 hours in the Cedar Rapids area.

Those who take this  challenge will be part of the Centennial Volunteer Club.  This club will be made up of individuals in our community who pledge to volunteer 100 hours in our 100th year.  This means you are pledging to do 100 hours of volunteer work for various organizations in our very own community.

Click here to read what another Centennial Volunteer Club member says about volunteering with her family.

Just think of how much of an impact we can make if we all signed up today for this!  Let’s see how many people we can get into this club in 2014!

Volunteer Beth McDougallOur 100th Member

Beth McDougall became the 100th member. Read her story here.

You can sign up today.  Just fill out the form below. Then each month, report your hours here.


To pledge 100 hours in 2014, please fill out the form below.

Centennial Volunteer Club - Pledge


Our Members

The following have pledged 100 hours of volunteer time. Fill out the form on the left to join the club.

Susan Abel
Kimberly Abram
Debbie Bancks
Ken Barker
Cindy Becker
Michael Beke
Andrea Bengtson
Erica Bergfeld
John Bickel
Amber Bisinger
Lisa Blake
Jenn Bleil
Lynette Boheman
Jennifer Borcherding
Jenny Bosking
Steve Bosking
Traci Boston
Jim Brown
Pat Brush
Bob Buntz
Kathryn Burd
Renee Butts
Rafaela Cadena
Angela Cannon
Nick Cappussi
Sharon Carney
Karl Cassell
Lydia Cassell
Patricia Cavanaugh
Janet Choplick
Terri Christoffersen
Lynn Ciha
Robyn Clark Bridges
Christina Clements
Kari Cooling
Mike Courtney
Abbie Covenah
Susan Cunningham
Cindy Dietz
Dedric Doolin
Sue Driscoll
Gordon Epping
Jackie Fetter
Kristie Fisher
Emily Fitzpatrick
Liya Fitzpatrick
Ro Foege
Leslie Frederick
Darrin Gage
Molly Gansen
Katie Geiken
Kate Getty
Katie Giorgio
Alexi Grave
Cathy Gullickson
Crystal Hall
Sha Hall
Ronald Hansen
Brad Hart
Braxton Haupert
Larry Helling
Lisa Henderson
Linda Henecke
Susanne Henson
Jeff Hines
Kelli Holubeck
Andrew Hooper
Cathryn Houck
Joy Huber
James Jonas
Susy Jones
Sophia Joseph
Elisabeth Kissling
James Klein
Nate Klein
Stephanie Klein
Julie Knak Tow
Shilo Knapp
Paula Land
Ron Larson
Lynn Lehew
Richard Lenth
Christopher Lindell
Barb Lindstrom
Hilery Livengood
Robb Loftsgard
Angel Loutsch
John Low
Rodney Martens
Ron Maxa
Mary Lou McCartan
Rhonda McCombs
Beth McDougall
Mary Meisterlina
Lindsay Micek
Amanda Mikkola
Alaina Miller
Tanya Moffatt
Molly Mulholland
Anita Munson
Rick Naaktgeboren
Kathy Nagel
Don Nelson
Sue Nelson
Greg Neumeyer
Tony Nguyen
Melinda Oberreuter
Amber OConnor
Joy Oldfield
Sue Olson
Matthew O'Rourke
Steve Ovel
Jodi Paden
Tara Paulsen
Kayla Paulson
Jeanine Penticoff
Dan Perez
Landree Person
Chuck Peters
Trace Pickering
Donna Poyneer
Ruth Quisling
Fred Rose
Maria Sanchez-Masi
Stefanie Schriner
Jennifer Schulte
Karen Schumacher
Jason Semprini
Kim Sleezer
leighton smith
Brook Smock
Joseph Sorensen
Rebecca Starr
Paul Swanson
Cathy Terukina
Deb Theis
Christoph Trappe
Teresa Ann Trimble
Claire Tupper
Shelly Turner
Lori Tweeton
Craig Vander Leest
Kristie VanGorkom
Kate Varcoe
Eugenia Vavra
Heather Vestweber
Jenifer Vick
Sara Volden
Debra Walderbach
Joe Wells
John Weyer
Hannah White
Charisma Wickham
Esther Wilson
Heather Wilson
Myron Wilson
Deb Winter
Don Zierath
Jerry Ziese

List last updated: November 14, 2014