Community Impact

Since 1914, United Way of East Central Iowa  has helped improve lives and build stronger communities by partnering with health and human service agencies. Today United Way, working in partnership with donors and agencies, is doing even more to improve the well-being of our communities.

Our Priorities
Advancing the Common Good and creating stronger communities means focusing on the building blocks for a better life – Education, Income and Health. By addressing the root cause of community problems in these areas, we can get real results and create lasting, positive change.

Our Community Goals
Helping children start strong and be ready for school; helping youth grow strong and achieve their potential; and helping families stay strong, becoming financially stable and independent and improving people’s health.
Working with our community partners, United Way has set three community goals. By 2020 we intend to:

  • Increase the number of low-income children who are on track developmentally and academically by 4th grade by 30%.
  • Increase the number of financially stable households by 15 %.
  • Improve the social connectedness and mental health functioning of low-income adults by 10%.


Understanding the Issues

United Way of East Central Iowa understands the value of studying our communities’ needs. In fact, we commit significant staff time and other resources to learning more about our region’s demographics, economic condition and perceptions of our communities’ quality of life. The reports and studies we produce are used to help identify funding priorities, emerging needs and growing trends in our community.

Creating Positive, Lasting Change
United Way realizes to create positive, lasting community change, we need to get to the root cause of our most critical needs. It’s not enough to find shelter for a family; but to change the condition that led to homelessness in the first place. This requires the work of our entire community. All this is done in collaboration with diverse community partners: businesses, partner agencies, schools, organized labor, government, neighborhood associations, faith-based organizations and many others. Community Building staff work with over 300 community partners and participate in 23 collaborations and 30 community projects.

Measure & Evaluate Results
A strong, thriving community is important to all of us. United Way measures and evaluates results so donors know their contributions are making the greatest impact in people’s lives and strengthening communities.


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