Born Learning

Do you ever…

  • Feel like you can do even more to help your child develop?
  • Are you ever unsure what more you could be doing?
  • Wish you had more time to do it?
Need book ideas?  These sites have suggestions for kids of all ages! Visit Teachers First to find age appropriate books, recommended by teachers! Or, take a recommendation from popular, award winning author James Patterson on his site,
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Born Learning seeks to help you clear those hurdles by communicating that everyday moments can easily be turned into quality early learning moments…and that’s important because all children are born learning.

We know what happens in a child’s early years matters – for success in life and for school readiness. United Way of East Central Iowa and our partners are dedicated to supporting all adults helping the young children in their lives start life ready to succeed.

What children learn during their first five years depends on the experiences they have each and every day and plays a critical role in how they live the rest of their lives. This is both our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity. By promoting awareness, education and action, Born Learning takes early learning research and translates it into activities and educational tools parents and caregivers can use without changing their daily routine.

Did you know you can turn everyday activities and chores into a learning opportunity? Click on the links below to find out how!!

At home: Folding Laundry, Making Meals, Bed Time

In public places: At the Market, the Park, the Library

Traveling: In the Car, On a Walk, On the Bus

Everyday Activities for Dad
Family History Projects for You and Your Grandchildren
Meal Ideas for Young Children
Fun and Games with Songs
Make Reading Fun

Looking for more activities to do outside the house? Check out Play and Learn or the Cedar Rapids Library’s

schedules to find times that fit with your busy schedule!


To start teaching your child today, plan a trip to one of our Born Learning Trails in Bever Park in Cedar Rapids or in front of the Amana Elementary School! Each interactive set of colorful signs suggests fun activities for adults and children to do together in a beautiful and stimulating setting.

DEVELOPMENTAL STAGES: What to expect and what you can be doing 

So much development happens in the first five years of your child’s life.  Do you ever wonder how your child is doing?   The links below provide information on what to expect at each stage of your child’s development, tips on when you might want to contact your doctor, and suggestions of what you can do at each new stage to help your child progress.

Born Learning
Below are links to Born Learning’s “Your Child At” series. Included are tips on what to expect when visiting the doctor for well baby checks, how much your child should be sleeping, ways to make your home and surroundings safe for your child, new ways to engage your child in play and much more!

Born Learning @ Birth                                                                             Recién nacido
Born Learning @ 2 Months                                                                     A los 2 meses 
Born Learning @ 4-6 Months                                                                 De 4 a 6 meses
Born Learning @ 6-12 Months                                                               De 6 a 12 meses
Born Learning @ 12-18 Months                                                             De 12 a 18 meses           
Born Learning @ 18-24 Months                                                             De 18 a 24 meses
Born Learning @ 24-36 Months                                                             De 24 a 36 meses
Born Learning @ 3 Years                                                                         A los 3 años
Born Learning @ 4 Years                                                                         A los 4 años
Born Learning @ 5 Years                                                                         A los 5 años


 Developmental Milestones
These links from the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), provide information on the development of your child’s social/emotional, language/communication, cognitive (learning/thinking), and physical skills. They also provide tips on when it might be time to seek additional screenings from your doctor regarding your child’s development.  (Links contain Spanish also.)

Development at 2 Months
Development at 4 Months
Development at 6 Months
Development at 9 Months
Development at 12 Months
Development at 18 Months
Development at 2 Years
Development at 3 Years
Development at 4 Years
Development at 5 Years


One of the most challenging parts of being parents can be finding a reliable, safe child care option that you feel comfortable bringing your child to and leaving them in someone else’s care for the day.   This Born Learning page can help you determine the best setting for your child.  Visit the Iowa Child Care Resource and Referral site to find a qualified caregiver in your area .  You can also use this checklist to make sure you find a provider who meets your needs!


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