T.M. Sinclair Society


Donors who give $1,250–9,999

The T.M. Sinclair Society honors one of our area’s founding fathers, Thomas M’Elderry Sinclair. United Way named its first philanthropic leadership society after Mr. Sinclair because of his belief in teaching every child to read and write and his commitment to our developing community. Through their leadership gifts, members of this society maintain Mr. Sinclair’s vision for our community.

Giving Levels
Keystone                                             $7,500–9,999
Pillar                                                    $5,000–7,499
Cornerstone                                       $2,500–4,999
Builder                                                $1,250–2,499

Dave and Mindy Sorg

Dave and Mindy Sorg

2015 Chairs
David Sorg, OPN Architects
Mindy Sorg, OPN Architects

About the members

Generous donors who are expanding their philanthropy with gifts ranging from $1,250 to $9,999, explore new avenues for community engagement and recognition. Members have a deep understanding and commitment to the work United Way does in our communities.  In 2012, members of the T.M. Sinclair Society contributed $1.85 million.

If you would like more information on becoming a leadership giver, contact us at (319) 398-5372 or here.

The T.M. Sinclair Society, founded as the One Plus Club, was renamed in 1983 to honor a Cedar Rapids area founding father, Thomas M’Elderry Sinclair.


Click here for a list of charter members.

Thomas M’Elderry Sinclair was born in Belfast, Ireland in 1842.  Immigrating to the United States in 1862, he began the Sinclair Packing Plant in 1871.  His company flourished and Mr. Sinclair felt morally obligated to be a generous corporate citizen.

In 1876, he opened a mission at his plant so that children could learn to read and write.  He paid the debts of the Coe Collegiate Institute (1879) and influenced the Presbyterian Synod to support Coe College.

Because of Mr. Sinclair’s belief in and commitment to our community, United Way of East Central Iowa has named its philanthropic leadership society in his honor

Prior chairs

2013-2014 – Michael & Mollie Gannon
2010-2013 –
James and Barb Klein
2009 – Chuck and Ann Hammond
2008 – Barry and Gilda Boyer
2006 – Cheryle Mitvalsky/John Bickel
2005 Jim Tinker/Cheryle Mitvalsky
2004 – Larry Helling/Jim Tinker
2003 – Lee Clancey/Pete Seyfer
2002 – Clay Jones/Lee Clancey
2001 – Chuck Peters
2000 – Dr. Johanna Abernathy & Nancy Evans
1999 – Jim M. Nikrant
1998 – Joe Schimberg
1997 – Terri Christoffersen
1996 – Mary Quass
1995 – Gary Streit
1994 – Kathy Eno & Mike Schrantz
1992 – 1993 – Kathy Eno & Larry Fogdall
1991 – David E.G. Miller
1988-1990 – Gary Streit
1987 – Donald J. Shepard
1985-1986 – Dennis L. Boatman
1984 – John N. Knapp
1983 – David Hughes

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