William B. Quarton Society

We joined the Quarton Society because we really appreciate and respect all that the United Way of East Central Iowa does for our community.  Likewise, Benchmark has been a tremendous supporter, and I’ve had the first-hand opportunity to not only support our campaign, but also to see the money at work throughout a number of the agencies, and have also met numerous amazing individuals who work tirelessly to support the goals and vision of United Way of East Central Iowa.  We realize that we have been blessed with so much, and feel good about gifting our time, talents, and resources to support such a terrific organization. - Erin Moeller

“We joined the Quarton Society because we really appreciate and respect all that the United Way of East Central Iowa does for our community…” – Erin Moeller

Donors who give $500–1,249

The William B. Quarton Society honors Cedar Rapids philanthropist Bill Quarton (1903–2007). Members of the Quarton Society actively promote volunteerism. Quarton steering committee members select finalists for United Way’s Volunteer Recognition Awards in the spring and actively participate in organizing the Time for Art event, at which attendees pledge volunteer hours in exchange for donated pieces of art from local artists.

2015 Chair
Erin Moeller, Benchmark, Inc.

About the Quarton Society

This Leadership level is United Way’s largest group of donors and make an investment of $500 – $1,249 each year.   These donors share an interest in volunteerism and see a direct impact of their dollars through support of United Way initiatives and programs. This Society is named after Cedar Rapids philanthropist, William B. Quarton.  The William B. Quarton Society at United Way of East Central Iowa was named in honor of Cedar Rapids philanthropist, William B. Quarton.  Bill Quarton was born in Algona, Iowa, and took his first job with Thomas Edison in 1926 in New York.  After several years, his training took him to the stock brokerage business.  He became intrigued with radio as he watched the spread of long wire radio antennas on the roof tops of Brooklyn from his apartment.

He caught the fever for broadcast and moved back to Iowa in 1931 to run a 100 watt radio station in Cedar Rapids.  In 1933 a more powerful station owned by the Waterloo Morning Tribune (WMT) was purchased and the original small station was taken off the air, and the more powerful WMT was moved to Cedar Rapids.  Under the ownership and guidance of Quarton, WMT became one of the radio broadcast pioneer leaders.  In 1953, Quarton’s vision brought the first television station to Cedar Rapids, WMT-TV, now KGAN-TV.  In a career spanning seven decades, Quarton assumed numerous leadership positions.  During his careers Quarton always made contributing back to our community a top priority.  One of his major accomplishments included spear-heading the revitalization of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.  Due in part to Quarton’s leadership and direction, the foundation is well poised to give back to the community for generations to come.

If you would like more information on becoming a Quarton leadership society, please contact Benjamin Hoover at (319) 398-5372 ext. 821 or bhoover@uweci.org.


Prior Quarton Chairs

2002 – Clay Jones/Lee Clancey
2003 –
Lee Clancey/Peter Seyfer
2004 –
Larry Helling/Jim Tinker
2005 –
Jim Tinker/Cheryle Mitvalsky
2006 –
Dennis Jordan/Brad Schoenfelder
2008 –
Robb Loftsgard and Stephanie Neighbor
2009 –
Robb Loftsgard and Stephanie Neighbor
2010 –
Brian Frese and Heather Lynxwiler
– Brian Frese, Transamerica, and Colleen Hepner, Kaplan University
2012-2013 – Trace Pickering and Kate Beihl
2013-2014 – Kate Beihl  and Erin Moeller
2014-2015 – Erin Moeller and Chris Wheeler


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