MARKETING BLOG: How Twitter Helped Us Add An Interactive Form

Community Building Manager Eugenia Vavra has been working on an Adverse Childhood Experiences project when I noticed that there was no interactive form on our ACEs page that would allow people to dynamically calculate a person’s score.  (The higher the score – between 0-10 – the higher the chance is for negative consequences.) I suggested that we should do such a form.  Good idea, but how do you do that? No idea. I posted a Tweet and soon heard back from Dustin Filippini, a Milwaukee-area developer. He suggested that I could use Gravity Forms, which we already use on the United Way site, and even walked me step by step through what I should do. You can see our Twitter conversation below and you can view the form below that or here.

Calculating Your Adverse Childhood Experience Score Online

Storified by Christoph Trappe· Fri, Dec 21 2012 10:00:05

Want to create a form that allows users to type in a set of numbers in fields and will then add up the total. Know any #Wordpress plugins?Christoph Trappe
@CTrappe gravity forms may help you out.Dustin Filippini
@dustyf I do have that but not seeing any functions/add-ons that would let me do that. Trying to make this interactive: Trappe
@CTrappe I believe you can create number fields that do some calculations. May take a little custom work for that. I’ll look when at compDustin Filippini
@dustyf Thank you!Christoph Trappe
@CTrappe Can do it with Gravity Forms. Threw this together quick to test. Filippini
@dustyf that would work. Thanks. What fields did you use? Pricing?Christoph Trappe
@CTrappe DM me an email address and I can explain it furtherDustin Filippini
From there, Dustin, emailed me the steps. I tried them. Wasn't able to do a few things, followed up with some questions and he responded.
With his follow-up (which included screen shots) I was able to put the form together. 


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