MARKETING BLOG: How we break down content

Here at United Way in Cedar Rapids we break content down into three categories.

These categories are:

1) We know of something: An example would be runs a story on volunteering or one of our impact areas (education, health, income), we spot it, read it and believe that our connections might benefit from seeing it, too.

So we share it. Sometimes we might add context. Other times we may just say: KCRG reported that so-and-so many people volunteered last year and that Iowa ranks second in the nation in volunteering. We then would link to the story.

2) We have something: An example of this would be the sharing first-hand experiences, discussions and research. Example: One hundred kids and their caregivers showed up at the Play and Learn session today.

3) We explain something: This is where we’d add more context and explain what something means. Here’s the research. Here’s what we think it means.

This can be applied to web postings, printed materials as well as our interactions at events.

Why do we break it out like this? We see the importance and value of different levels of content. Not everything has to fit into No. 3. There’s also value in sharing a link to content elsewhere that is relevant, for example.

– Christoph

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