MARKETING BLOG: Some of the Plugins that We Use

There are many plugins out there that you can use with your WordPress site. Some interfere with other functions on your site, so it’s important to either realize that right away and disable those or to be able to work on a plugin’s code.

We use some plugins on this site. Here’s a quick look at some of them with a short explanation of why we like them:

Code Insert Manager

Check it out here.

This plugin makes it easy to insert code in various places – like posts – on a consistent basis. For example, check out the donate and volunteer buttons at the end of this post here. They are added through this plugin. You can even use some coding to show buttons based on the category the post is in. (That second part is a bit more advanced.)

This plugin also adds the newsletter sign up (see the beginning of that post). When you don’t want to include it – like on this page – exlusions are easy to set.


Custom sidebars

Check it out here.

This plugin allows you to create different sidebars for different posts and pages. That comes in handy when you need to use the sidebar as a design element or just need to add some additional functions.

For example, we use a custom sidebar on this community partner page to present more relevant content surrounding that agency.

You can see our default sidebar – which shows up unless we create a custom one – on this post here


Gravity forms

Check it out here.

These work nicely for simple forms that trigger an email to a person or persons. We use them on our Contact Us page and the Human Services Campus conference center page.

Related posts

Check it out here.

This plugin makes it very easy to relate new content to older content. For example, when we file a post on Topic A and want to link it to posts and pages related to Topic A you can do that right there from within that same post. It even adds the link to the older content’s post or page.


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