The Case for Building Mentor Capital: Advocacy for finding Readers, Mentors, and Tutors.

In the recent article “The Case for Building Mentor Capital” on the Huffington Post, Brian Gallagher, the President and CEO of United Way Worldwide, advocates for more volunteers to step up to be a reader, mentor, or tutor.

Nearly 6,000 American students drop out every day.” Gallagher reports, “But, students who participate in mentor relationships miss 50 percent fewer school days, are less likely to use drugs and more likely to complete their educations. With only 20 percent of a student’s time spent in school, out-of-school time activities serve as an integral part of a child’s success.

Education is a vital building block for a bright future, and to provide quality education requires more than just high quality educators. We know that how well a student performs in school can serve as an indicator for the type of job, salary and overall quality of life a person experiences in his or her lifetime.”

Studies show that kids with adult mentors tend to complete homework assignments, stay in school and are less likely to use drugs and alcohol than their peers who do not spend time with a caring adult.

You can be a volunteer to children who need your help in your area! You can volunteer for a little as an hour a month to as much as a full day every day. To volunteer to be a reader, mentor, or tutor in your community, we encourage you to sign up By clicking this link.

Brian Gallagher’s full article can be found here.

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