What is the biggest barrier that keeps you from volunteering?

During our first Virtual Volunteer Fair we asked people what the biggest barrier is that keeps them from volunteering. About a dozen answered.
biggest barrier to volunteering survey

By Mitch Kolf

We held a virtual volunteer fair on April 9, 2013.  The event was promoted beforehand on our Facebook page, emails were sent to companies and agencies, an ad was placed on TheGazette.com and we appeared on KGAN.
As you will see from the statistics below, the event was a success when compared to physical volunteer fairs.  I have gone to a volunteer fair before and attendance was minimal.  Agencies spent most of their time talking to each other and not potential volunteers.

And if you talked to somebody, there was no guarantee that they would check out the volunteer listing on your website, or even inquire about a specific opportunity.

The virtual volunteer fair allowed us to show our website and volunteer opportunities to potential volunteers, it allowed us to connect volunteers with specific opportunities, it allowed us to conduct a survey about what the biggest barrier to volunteering was, and we were able to answer questions with our live chat.
Here are some of the statistics:
Number of Visits to Volunteer Now:
April 9th: 179
Average in April before the fair: 75

Number of Referrals
April 9th: 5 Referrals
Average in April before the fair: 1 per day.

Number of User Registrations:
April 9: 2 registrations.

virtual volunteer fair homepage 2013

United Way of East Central Iowa will be hosting its first Virtual Volunteer Fair on April 9

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What does this mean?

United Way is encouraging companies and the community at large to visit United Way’s website at UnitedWayofEastCentralIowa.org on Tuesday, April 9, to learn about volunteer opportunities, read about positive volunteer experiences, and participate in a live chat where United Way staff will answer questions about volunteering.
On April 9, the United Way of East Central Iowa website will have a special homepage dedicated to the Volunteer Fair.

National Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer month and many local non-profits are planning to recruit volunteers for the coming year. I want to let you know about a unique volunteer recruitment event that United Way will be hosting on April 9th. It’s unique because you will be able to learn about over 200 volunteer opportunities from 68 local non-profit agencies without leaving your work desk!

Multimedia designer Justin Fletcher puts the finishing touches on the fair's design.

Multimedia designer Justin Fletcher puts the finishing touches on the fair’s design.

For media:
We’d be happy to be interviewed for a news article or come on a morning broadcast. To coordinate any requests that you might have please contact Christoph Trappe at 319-804-9853 or ctrappe@uweci.org.


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