Whipple Legacy Circle

A Legacy for Generations

As a United Way supporter for more than seven decades, William was resolute.

“I am very much in favor of United Way’s work.”

As past president of the Hall-Perrine Foundation, William’s familiarity with the community and its needs was unmatched. And his commitment to sustaining “one of the most giving communities I have ever known” should come as no surprise. That’s why he included Way of East Central Iowa in his estate plans.

“The more I am able to give, the more that is given to me,” said William. “For me, giving is almost a religious experience. I get a feeling of happiness that I have not gotten any other way.”

William P. and Gayle S. Whipple Legacy Circle

William P. Whipple loved both Cedar Rapids and United Way. When he passed in 2010, Bill had been a United Way supporter for more than seven

decades. His estate plans reflected his values. He endowed his annual gift to United Way, so he and Gayle would continue giving to the annual campaign in

perpetuity. Each year, the earnings from the endowment he established provide a contribution at the Tocqueville Society level ($10,000 or more).

William and his wife, Gayle, were the first Eastern Iowans to endow an annual campaign gift for United Way. In recognition of their stunning generosity, United Way established the William P. Whipple and Gayle S. Legacy Circle.

This new society honors individuals who endow their annual leadership gift. We invite you to commit to your community forever and become a William P. Whipple and Gayle S. Legacy Circle member.


Ways to Make A Legacy Gift

Current Gifts

  • Make a gift of cash or appreciated securities, both of which have tax benefits.
  • Use a distribution from a qualified retirement plan to tap into sheltered resources and minimize tax consequences.

Future Gifts

  • Include a charitable bequest for the United Way Endowment Fund in your will or trust.
  • Establish a charitable trust or annuity that generates income for you or our loved ones, provides tax benefits and supports the Endowment Fund.
  • Bypass potential estate and income taxes by designating United Way as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, pension benefits, or an IRA.
  • Name United Way as owner or a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, which also has tax benefits.

Contact Hilery Livengood or Lois Buntz to get involved. You can also call them at 319-398-5372.

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