Young Leader Mike Butterfield: United Way is a Good Investment for Your Donation

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I’m Mike Butterfield; I’m an engineer here in town with HDR Engineering and a member of the United Way Young Leaders Society Committee.

The biggest reason I’m involved in United Way is I feel fully confident in their ability to deliver to the people in our community that need the assistance the most.  A colleague and I were talking one day about all the phone calls we get soliciting from one organization or another, and you’re never quite sure if this is a legit request or if this is a credible organization.

With United Way, you don’t ever have to worry about that.  With United Way you know they’re going to do the background work that they need to do to make sure that the contributions we make as members of the community get to the people that need it the most.  They deliver on a consistent basis and knowing that they can do that and they have the resources to do that and the willingness to do that, it makes me absolutely want to be more a part of United Way and being a part of what they do in this community.

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